Strategies To Prepare For The Changes Ahead
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Discover what to watch out for, and how to prepare, so that you and your family can safely navigate the coming years. 

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The Independent Speculator

Actual real investments from Louis James

Follow Louis James' Success

The Casey Team correctly predicted the fall of the Soviet Union, the savings and loan collapse, the dot-com bubble burst and Brexit.

Discover the best way to invest in the mining side of the precious metals game.

Actual Real Investments

Not investment advice or a theoretical “model” portfolio, but the actual trades he makes. You can learn by example or just follow his lead and make the same level of returns.

Long Track Record

Louis James was legendary speculator Doug Casey’s protégé at Casey Research for almost 14 years until early 2018. During his time there they averaged almost 18.5% yearly gains.

Natural Resources - Mining and Metals

Purchase gold, silver or other precious metals with your retirement savings to protect your money from inflation & economic uncertainty.

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See the changes coming our way and prepare for the with Jake Ducey.  Listen along as he interviews industry leaders and discover how to prepare for the next few years. 

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